Your Guide to Creative Graphics in 2021

The great thing about the coming of a new year is the opportunity to reset. Considering the challenges of 2020, the idea of a fresh start in 2021 may be exactly what we’re all looking for.


In graphic design strategy, design trends are often cultivated by the promise of a new tomorrow as we overcome the struggles of the past. Graphic design is all about transforming an idea into something special.


Many of the brand design trends in 2021 will be the consequences of the events in 2020. Graphic designers have scaled back to evoke a soothing vibe, positivity, and clarity. The classics, like muted colors, serif fonts, and simple visuals for clear communication, are key.


Which graphic design trends will prevail in 2021? Take a look at our graphic design guide and find out.

2021 Graphic Design Strategy

Muted Color Palettes

A few years ago, neon colors were the hot item. But with the chaos going on in the world today, designers are taking comfort in low-saturation colors by using muted color palettes. Muted colors evoke a sense of security, calm, safety, and nostalgia. They also convey an organic and natural feel, which is why many health and wellness brands gravitate toward these types of colors. In today’s constantly changing world, offering a sense of peaceful normalcy will go a long way with your viewers.


Image Source: 5 Graphic Design Trends in 2020


Simple Data Visuals

Data has become a big part of digital marketing. But it’s hard to figure out the most effective way to share that data while keeping viewers engaged. Visuals can make communication more effective. The goal of any data visual is to make complex data easy to understand; people don’t want to have to work at it. In today’s world, there is A LOT of data constantly being circulated, so if you can break it down and simplify it, your viewers will appreciate it—and will keep coming back to get the answers from you.


Image Source: Social Media Management



Marie Kondo isn’t the only person pushing the idea of minimalism. Graphic designers are also moving that way. Every year, there has been a steady shift toward minimalist design, and it’s only going to continue in 2021. Minimalism has been growing across websites, social media, newsletters, logos, and even print advertising. In a world of information overload, being able to convey a message in a simple, clean design is key.


The other reason for this trend is the rise of mobile marketing. More and more people are viewing websites, emails, and social media on their phones, so the need for white space, organization, and simple messaging is even more important.


Flat Icons & Illustrations

Brand design trends often follow old trends that become new again, and this is exactly what’s happening with icons and illustrations. Stock photos are great, but they can be overused. Rather than just choosing a stock image, many designers are opting instead to draw flat icons and illustrations. With a simple graphic, you can clearly communicate your meaning with fewer words. Illustrations are also much more creative than stock photos! Take a look at Adjust’s blog to see how they’re using flat icons for a consistent look and feel.

Image Source: Adjust’s Mobile Marketing Blog


Classic Serif Fonts

Bring back the old-school serif fonts! Serif fonts are some of the oldest font styles still in use, dating back to the 15th century (yes, fonts existed back then, just not in the same way we think of them today). Serif fonts are still used because they’re seen as trustworthy, elegant, and classic. Many professional businesses, such as financial institutions, often use them to inspire a sense of security and safety with their company. MailChimp has also implemented these fonts on their website.


Image Source:


Social Media Slide Decks

Have you seen social media slide decks on Instagram or LinkedIn? They’re circulating around on these two social media platforms more and more because they clearly communicate much more information than a post with one image. Besides having the ability to share more information in a single post, slide decks are promoted more by Instagram’s and LinkedIn’s algorithms.


Image Source:

What else will 2021 have in store for us?

Many of the 2021 graphic design trends we’re seeing are products of this year’s events. While some are extensions of popular trends from recent years, the importance of positivity, hopefulness, and a sense of peace and security cannot be understated.


This year brought a lot of negativity into the world, but with this graphic design guide, you can make sure that your design strategy has the power to influence and bring hope to your viewers.

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Megan Augustine is a Cleveland, Ohio native who relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2018. A 2012 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College, she has over six years of experience in digital marketing in the technology field and a passion to learn and grow more every day. She enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and spending time with her two daughters.


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