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Jennifer Malcolm, MBA

President, Chief Visionary Officer

As an entrepreneur and consultant, Jennifer loves equipping her team for success. She enjoys sharing her voice as a speaker and podcaster at Jennasis Speaks. Her spirit fuels her passion to empower others with a fresh, energetic perspective. Fun fact: To relax, Jennifer loves listening to live music, dancing, and cooking.

Chad Malcolm, PhD.

Chief Operating Officer

A classically trained teacher, Chad has transitioned his strengths to the business world. His work with Jennasis, as well as other clients, focuses on operational efficiency and staff development. Fun fact: Chad was a golf professional in the past, and enjoys bourbon and cigars to unwind!
emily kelly

Emily Kelly

Marketing Strategist

Emily is born and raised in Northeast Ohio and has 25 years of demonstrated success growing revenue and visibility for small to medium sized businesses in a broad range of markets. She loves to entertain, is passionate about her relationships and the pursuit of a life of excellence.

Kathy Noble

Financial Administrator / Human Resources

Kathy has been an administrative assistant and financial administrator for over 30 years, working with Jennasis since inception. Married for over 50 years, Kathy’s passion is spending her time with her family – her grandkids keep her young! She’s an avid Cleveland sports fan. She enjoys daily walks with her husband and would love the opportunity to travel more.

Marcia Hudgel

Director of Client Success

Since being hired as a writer in 2017, Marcia has taken on several roles at JA including executive assistant, HR associate, director of client success and is on the Operations team. Outside of JA, she teaches yoga, hosts a radio show and lives in the Oregon mountains with her husband and cats, Pancho and Lucia.
Paige Chemisky

Paige Chernisky

Director of Client Success

As a dedicated student and lover of animals, Paige is pursuing a doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at St. Georges University in Granada this fall. She is a Cleveland native and loves working in graphic design! Fun Facts: She enjoys creating, baking, and reading outside of work.

Crystal Johnson, EdD.

Copy Editor

Crystal started her professional career as a high school language arts teacher over a decade ago. Since then, she has served as a college administrator and faculty member and has earned her doctorate in Education. She resides in the Cleveland area with her family and has a passion for true crime.

Jason Fisher

SEO Consultant

Jason Fisher specializes in website auditing, SEO strategy, local search marketing, content & link development and Google penalty assessment & recovery. He is an Evans Scholar award recipient and co-inventor on mobility business method patents. An accomplished SEO Consultant & Analyst with a long history of delivering results and customer satisfaction to a wide array of businesses and verticals. Fun fact: He’s an identical twin, an avid fly fisherman, and enjoys golfing and mountain biking.

Melanie Bridgens

Graphic Designer

Melanie is a design professional with over two decades of experience in graphic and web design. Her extensive experience has cultivated a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of design. Melanie is committed to design excellence and innovation, striving to leave a positive mark on the design world.

Natalie Ferrini

Director of Client Success

Natalie Ferrini has been on the Jennasis Team since 2021. With a background in education, Natalie brings a level of organization and desire to help all people reach their goals in business and life. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts and spending time with her parents.

Melissa Wank

Director of Client Success

Melissa is a passionate communicator, marketer and strategic thinker who has worked in a diverse number of industries and organizations throughout her career. She strives to exceed clients’ business goals by providing a high level of attention, guidance and strategic support. She enjoys building relationships and creating deep connections.

Camille Salisbury

Director of Client Success / Social Media Manager

Originally from Cleveland, Camille has 5 years of marketing and social media management experience. She loves that marketing is an industry that is always evolving, and enjoys the creativity that comes with it. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband, dogs, and cats. Camille has an out-of-home baking business, loves traveling and enjoys practicing yoga and barre.

Raymond Rose

Website Designer / Developer

Since 2010, Raymond has loved all things WordPress. From design to web apps and plugin development, Raymond uses WordPress to solve problems and help businesses and nonprofits grow. When he’s not working, he’s often busy with various home improvement projects, or camping with his sons and the Boy Scouts.

Leah Bander


Leah, a Cleveland native and lifelong writing enthusiast, has dedicated years to helping healthcare and insurance non-profits with marketing and communication. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family. Her daily vocabulary includes the phrases “stop,” “sit down,” and “Did you just wipe your nose on my shirt?”

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