Unload Your Shopping Cart: Why Outsourcing Matters


Jennifer Malcolm

There’s this great little metaphor about balancing all of your obligations, and it starts with a shopping cart.

Shopping carts have limited space, right? So if you’re going through the grocery store with a mile-long list, you could handle it one of two ways: the first way, you could start filling up the cart as you go through the store, with little care of what you’re placing in your cart. There’s an issue with that, though—you’ll probably run out of space very quickly as the room gets taken up by small, unnecessary items.

The second way would be to start with the bigger, most essential items first, placing the smaller, less important items in between the bigger ones as time goes on.

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a metaphor for life (and business, too). The big, important things take priority, the smaller, less important things have to fit between the cracks.

The question is, how do you determine what’s big and what’s small? Especially for small businesses, everything can feel urgently necessary. Delegating becomes difficult. You’re doing it all, but sometimes it feels like you’re accomplishing nothing. You don’t always have the resources, and many times, you have to be a jack-of-all-trades, rapidly becoming an expert in many fields you never thought you’d have to navigate.

We know. We’ve been there.

Let us take one big thing off your plate (ahem. Out of your shopping cart): digital marketing — If you don’t already have a fully-fledged internal marketing team, that is. The truth is, only the really big guys have those. Small businesses often make the choice to rely on an external digital marketing team to bring their online marketing efforts to life.

It’s actually one of the best things to outsource, for several reasons. Marketing drives business; it’s a big enough piece of the puzzle that it’s worthwhile to get it right. While you don’t have to be an expert to be an effective marketer, you do have to have a plan and consistently stick to that plan. Bonus points if you’ve been able to single out the most effective messages that will capture your audience. These can be difficult tasks, especially for a busy entrepreneur with a full shopping cart. Here are some really big pros to outsourcing your digital marketing.

Save time and money. No more spending hours every night on Canva formatting the perfect campaign for your social media pages. A graphic designer can do that in half the time that you can, saving you the wasted hours and frustration. Plus, hiring a digital marketing agency part-time means that you’re not paying a full-time employee to do the same work.

Access to experienced professionals. Many digital marketing companies have a huge amount of experience marketing in many formats, from Google ads and blog posts to SEO and UX/UI optimization. They’ll be able to help you bring your marketing ideas to life with proven tactics. No more guesswork!

Even if you already have an in-house marketing team, you can give them better direction and focus with an outsourced marketing team, who can help develop bigger projects such as rebranding or long-term marketing strategy. Additionally, marketing professionals are often wellsprings of information about the latest trends in the industry, which your team might not be aware of. Get a whole new view. Having another set of eyes on a project can give you a new perspective on the whole thing, providing new ideas and solutions to problems you always thought were unfixable. With creativity and vision, a qualified external team will be able to see around the blockades and help you reach your goals. Have we convinced you yet? If you’re seriously thinking about looking for an external marketing team to handle your needs, don’t go shopping around.

(Get it?)

Instead, get started with Jennasis & Associates—your one-stop-shop for all things digital marketing. With our multi-talented, professionally diverse team, we can help your business grow and flourish, no matter the size of your marketing team. Ready to get started? Click here to contact us today!


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